Friday, February 01, 2008


January has been a cold snowy month. Very little astronomy was attempted since it was mostly cloudy.


13.50 Squirrels seen, no image taken.
13.51 Two downy woodpeckers seen, image of one taken (In the snow.)

14.00 Soaring eagle seen, no image taken (Its very difficult to get a picture of birds in flight, due to the slow action on automatic digital cameras.)
14.45 Geese seen flying in the distance.
14.50 Three deer seen, probably all does. Got an image of one (Didn't turn out.)


14.34 Image taken of some small birds, possibly sparrows (Didn't turn out.)


14.55 Squirrels seen, no image taken.


14.59 Only seen squirrels up to this point, one image taken.

15.31 Eagle seen, no image taken.


15.27 Saw two deer, got an image of one. Then two other deer joined the first and then I got multiple images.


13.54 Currently there is light snow, but a larger storm is brewing to the west. (We received about 4 inches of snow durring the night.) Not much moving around, saw a few squirrels.
14.21 Saw geese in flight, no images taken.


15.24 There is fresh snow on the ground and it is cold (around 13 deg. Fareheit.) I have taken an image of a deer. When the deer fled I could see two white tails.
15.50 Several images taken of the frozen riverbed.


14.26 Taken an image of a squirrel using its tail to protect itself from the falling snow with its tail. Saw a downy Woodpecker, but didn't get an image.

14.54 Now I have taken an image of a downy woodpecker.

15.10 Saw an eagle in flight, no image taken.


13.37 Three does in the brush, image attempted, but it didn't turn out.
13.43 Seeing a lot of red squirrels, no images attampted.
13.45 Ok, I took a couple images of a squirrel.


13.27 Light snow, no animals seen so far.
13.39 Saw two deer at a distance, no image attempted. They appear to be circling around me.
13.46 Took an image of a squirrel at fairly near range.


15.49 Lots of geese on the Des Moines River.

Have seen three eagles that have landed in some trees. One is directly across
the river from me and the others are a few hundred yards up the river. Tried to take an image but they didn't turn out very good, but am posting the best one.


14.14 Warm today, low 50's. The snow is melting and cricks are filling up.

15.05 Eagle spotted, several images attempted.


14.38 Current tempature 7 degrees Ferinheit, light snow. Yesterday I skipped walking due to a -14 windchill factor. Taken image of four deer,
then at least three more join them. Several images taken.

15.28 Several images of what I think is an American Kestrel.