Monday, August 05, 2013

Dry Camping will never be the same.

I like going to Star Parties. But Electrical Power has always been an issue. Electrical Sites at NSP has always been in short supply and there are no electrical sites at the Iowa Star Party unless you rent one of the rooms at the bed and breakfast.

Well last Christmas my Wonderful Wife gave me a 45 watt Solar Panel kit. 45 watts, that doesn't sound like much. There are light bulbs that use more power then that. Well you might be surprised what you can do with that.

I recharged my cell phone several times. I had ran my laptop down to 50% last night, so I fired it up this morning and with a cheap $30 inverter had it fully charged within 30 minutes. And most importantly, I got my marine battery recharged after running my CPAP on it all night (We got clouded out last night.)

The all important Charge Controller, yes that is my phone being charged on it.

The one thing I didn't get done was make coffee. Well actgully I did, but I had to cheat. The drip coffee maker I brought with me is powered by a/c and the inverter I brought with me will go up to 150 watts. Well the coffee maker must take more power then that. Well I heated the water on the stove and poured it through the dripolator from a pan. It worked and I got coffee. A 12 volt coffee maker may be in my future!!!