Monday, March 10, 2008

Febuary Walks


13.42 Snowing, about 30 degrees. Over the next couple of days we are supposed to get about 6 - 9 inches.

13.57 Squirrel in a snow storm.


13.43 About 6 inches on the ground and about 30 degrees F. in tempature.

14.07 Downy Woodpecker seen, unable to take image.

14.27 About 50 degrees today. Deer seen at the edge of the woods.

14.37 Squirrels seen, no image taken.
14.38 Woodpecker seen, probably a male Hairy Woodpecker.

A bioligist that I know, who is into photography, pointed out that this is a very good photo (below.)

14.45 More woodpecker images taken, possibly the same species.

14.50 Eagle seen in flight, image attempted, but not successful.

15.29 Its cold, about 5 degrees.
15.40 Eagles seen in trees. No image taken, too much brush in the way.
15.51 Another eagle spotted, a couple hundred yards away. Its flying close to the trees, no image attempted.


14.21 Fifteen degrees and sunny, nothing seen yet.
15.00 Small woodpecker seen, image unsuccessful.


15.25 Walking on the river trail, its about zero today. Nothing seen yet.
15.52 Geese seen in flight.


14.56 Downy Woodpecker imaged (probably a female.) Its warm today and the trails are about two-thirds clear. This is the first time in weeks I've been able to walk down here without boots on.

14.57 Large hawk or eagle seen and imaged. It appears to have been in a fight.


14.44 Snow from earlier in the week is almost gone. Its in the 40's today.
14.57 Hearing birds, but not seeing them. Ice in the river is melting, but no clear channel yet.
15.22 Image of squirrel taken, because I am not seeing anything else.


14.52 About 40 today, lots of melting and I am having to work my way around it, mostly using ice bridges.
15.09 Geese imaged on the creek, the first of the year (there is over 20 of them.)

15.46 I am on the river trail today, several images of a cardinal taken.

15.49 Several images of eagles taken, also seeing ducks in the river.
16.08 Image taken of an eagle in a tree. The tree is about 10 meters from me and the angle is up sharp.