Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sight Seeing

Allen Beers and I did some sight seeing on Tuesday (7/25.)

Valentine had a grass fire recently, burning in excess of 3000 acres. It apparently started up near the towns communication equipment and was caused by an electrical short. The fire took out some of the communications equipment making the response to the fire slow. A number of homes were lost and unfortunatly it appeared to effect mostly the less well to do neiborhoods.

Allen and I then went on and did a hike at Smith State Park to the North East of Valentine. Smith Falls in Smith State Park has Nebraska's highest falls(about 65 feet, or just shy of 20 meters.)

We were then ready for lunch, Allen wanted to go to McDonnalds. But I talked him into going to a "Local" Resturant. Cheryl and I hae previously checked out most of them and I talked Allen into "The Bunk House" a local "Diner" type resturant. The food and service are pretty good and the price is reasonable. I had chicken fried steak.


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Cheryl said...

Pretty waterfall. I don't know why we never made our way to that one in the past.

Good for you, campaigning for the Bunk House. Did Allen see the picture behind the counter?

And good for you having the chicken fry. Roy would be proud.