Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Game of the Week

Played on FICS 01/01/2007, I out ranked my opponent by about 100 points. But one should never underestimate your opponent.


This is a tactical game. I try to steer all of my e4 opponents into the dragon, which I know moderately deep.

1. ... c5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. c3

This is a some what odd line. My books have it listed under Hyper Accelerated Dragon. I really don't like playing against it, but to date my results have been pretty good. I think I am winning about 3 out of four games. Usually they try to build a massive center and I try to destroy it.

3. ... e6
4. d4 d5
5. e5

He has built his center, now I am going to try to destroy it.

5. ... Nge7
6. Bg5 Qb6
7. Qc2 Nf5
8. b3

I beleive that was a wasted move. Whatever, I have more then enough on the weak d4 pawn to attack his center. He should really have his Queen on the d file and he should really be attacking one of my knights. He is not showing any ingenuity here.

8. ... cxd4
9. cxd4 Nfxd4
10. Nxd4 Qxd4
11. Bb5 Qxe5+
One destroyed center. Now he begins his counter attack.
12. Be3 Bd7

The Bd7 prevents Bxc6 bxc Qxc forking the King and rook.

13. Bxc6 Bxc6
14. Qc3

He wants to exchange Queens, why I don't know. I have the better center so trading is ok, but I wasn't in the mood for it. Even better yet, I can exchange my dark Bishop for his rook (Bb4, QxB QxR) but I didn't see it.

14. ... Qe4
15. 0-0 Bb4
16. Qxg7

16. ... 0-0-0
17. Qd4

Ok, he has forced the Queen exchange.

17. ... Qxd4
18. Bxd4 Rhg8
19. f4
At this point, I get a very nasty idea. I have got double Bishops and his King is looking awfully weak. The problem is his Bishop is sitting right where my pawn needs to go. With his f4 move, I can't even push e5 allowing to take a free pawn. But I can push my f6 pawn allow him to take that pawn and then allow him to take my Rook. Costly yes, but in exchange I get a WINDMILL. And I believe I will get everything back!

I am going to GAMBIT a rook!

19. ... f6
20. a3 Bd6
21. Bxf6 d4
22. Bxd8

He bought it hook, line and sinker.

22. ... Rxg2+

Now the Windmill structure is set. Every time the rook moves into position it is check and then when the rook moves out of position it is check. The rook can eat anything and everything in its path.

23. Kh1 Ra2+
24. Kg1 Rxa1

My opponent tries to save his Bishop instead of trying to get the king out of the Windmill.

25. Bf6 Ra2

I have the windmill structure again.

26. Bxd4

My opponent eats a pawn and the windmill strikes again.

26. ... Rg2+
27. Kh1 Rd2+
28. Kg1 Rxd4
29. Nc3 Bc5

Positioning my Bishop for the kill.
30. b4
He doesn't like my bishop there and trys to kick it, but has forgotten about discovered checks
30. ... Rxb4+

Black only has one legal move, to block with a rook. His position is hopeless and he resigns.

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