Monday, November 26, 2007

A Walk in the Virgin Snow

November 21st Des Moines was supposed to just get a dusting of snow. It turned out to be the first snow storm of the year giving us about 3 inches. I was working that day, so about 2:30pm having accumulated all of my break time from a 12 hour shift, I went out for a walk. My co-workers thought I was nuts, but I went anyway. All of my break time is 1 hour and 15 minutes, if you are curious.

The first two images are looking down from my Employer's Property on to the valley where I walk, as you can see it is still snowing. The little circle in the upper center of these images is the result of a smudge on the lens, sorry.

The following image is half way to the woods, this is prairie in transition to woods. These are very young trees and scrub plants.

The following two images is where I am approaching the woods. It is still snowing pretty good. This area flooded real bad several times last spring and summer and therefore not much shrubbery is growing here, but there are some trees in the background (The Woods.)

The entrance to the Woods. This image doesn't relay very well the gloomy foreboding appearance that existed in reality.

After the woods, you come to the creek. I like this area, it is my favorite place on the trail. There is a bench up along here, and it can be very pleasant to just sit and relax.

This is Cheryl's favorite image, with the entrance to the woods being second.

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