Sunday, May 28, 2006

Chuckie is a girl!!!

For several years we have had a wood chuck living under our shed in the backyard. Cheryl had named him "Chuckie." But a couple days ago I had noticed there was a "Chuckie Jr." along with Chuck Sr., so I can say that Chucky is definitly a female. We haven't come up with a more appropriate name yet for Chuckie. Send us a comment with any suggestions. Today, I went and planted myself in the camper and just waited. I caught Chucky Jr (from hence known as "Woody" per Cheryl) peeking out from under the shed. Update, there appear to be two offspring, not just one. So if anyone has a good second name for the second, just let us know.

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Cheryl said...

Nice shot of Woody. How do we train him to eat the weeds and leave the tomatoes alone?