Sunday, May 14, 2006


Due to middle aged heath problems, I now am supposed to walk 2.5 hours per week. What I usually do is on the days I work (I work 12 hour shifts) is use one 15 minute break for my lunch (a Weight Watchers tv dinner) and combine all of the remaining lunch and break time into a one hour break. This I use to take a walk on the bicycle trail behind where I work.
The trail (Greenbelt Park, Johnston Iowa) is a combination of prairie and woods with Beaver Creek running through the middle of it. Well, within a month or so of starting these walks, I wanted a camera. So I purchased a cheap 3x optical Fuji camera, but after using that camera for six months or so it broke. So I LET Cheryl ( upgrade her Olympus 3.4 MP 10x camera to a 10x 5mp Kodak and I got the Olympus.

The best picture that I got with the Fuji was of a Great Blue Heron last October. I had been noticing it in flight, for several weeks. Well I noticed it appear to land in the creek and tried to get close enough to take a picture, but it saw me and took off and flew a ways down the creek. It was late in my walk and I didn't have much time, but I tried to follow it and got lucky and found it fishing in the creek and got the picture above.

Well this spring I have been watching a pair of mallard ducks and geese (they are everywhere.) I am pretty sure that the mallards had a nest and had laid some eggs. But about two weeks ago we had a big rain storm and the creek had risen several feet and I am afraid the mallard's have lost their clutch.

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