Thursday, June 22, 2006

An Embarrassment of Riches

I am sorry I haven't gotten much posted for the last couple of weeks. There has been an illmess in the family and priorities had to be shifted.

So lets start with last week, I noticed this little flower growing in the prarie part of my walk. I don't know what it is, but I thought it was pretty.

The same walk, I noticed this duck, don't be fooled at how small it appears here. He was a good 50 meters away when I took this image. I would say that he was the size of a goose, they can get large. Unfortunatly I have lost contact with the mating pair of ducks I saw this spring.

Last week I was noticing a lot of these little dragon flies all along the bike trail (especially near the creek.)
I assume they are feeding on something that is on the trail.

A few minutes after the above image was taken, I noticed this baby. He is a considerbly larger species. Take note, his wings are barely noticable.
This little feller isn't much to look at, but he sure sings a pretty song. That is all he seems to do. He is a very small little bird, maybe 5 cm long (2 inches.)

This is a Redwinged Blackbird doing what they like to do. Which is clinging to tiny branches. The branch was blowing quite a bit in the wind and I was afraid they would all turn out blurry.

And this cute little guy is a Killdeer, I found him at the end of my walk in my employer's front lawn.

I found this big old frog in a muddy rise in the creek. Yes I am shooting straight down at him. I am on a bridge about 20 feet above him.

And all around him were these tiny little fish.

Thats it for last week, now for this week.

Monday, I saw this cute little squirrel poking his head around the tree at me. Now there are squirrels all over the bike trail and I usually don't mess with them, but in this guy was cute.

Shortly thereafter I started seeing deer. Now I haven't seen deer on the trail in weeks, occasionally I hear them though. And when I do see them it is often very hard to get a clear sharp picture because they are in the trees and the camera focuses on the trees. The manual overide usually takes too long and then the deer are gone. The following four pictures were all taken Tuesday (in about a 5 minute time frame.)

This is the last image from Tuesday, it just a cardinal. But I usually will take what I can get.

Wednesday I saw more deer, the images arn't quite as nice. But I enjoyed taking them. They were from a diffrent section of the park. And to finish everything off, I saw a Great Blue Heron. Unfortunatly, He saw me before I saw him and he was gone. Last year it took me weeks to get a picture of one, they are shy.

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Cheryl said...

Very nice, Nature Boy. The first deer picture is my favorite.