Sunday, June 25, 2006

Game of the Week

Game was played on FICS at 18:06 Saturday Jun 24th. I have black.

1.d4 d5
2.c4 e6
3.cxd5 exd5
4.Nc3 c5
5.dxc5 d4

In the Tarrasch, by black pushing to d4 gives him all the attacking possibilities. I must add though, that Tim our local master roasts me with this line every time.

6.Ne4 Bf5
7.Ng3 Bg6
8.b4 Nc6
9.Nf3 Nxb4
I don't know about you, but I love a good Queen Sack, especially when it is sound. Here my opponent has given me a perfect opportunity. Apparently, I saw it nearly immediatly. Since according to my game report from FICS, I only thought about the move for 4 seconds. It must have surprised my opponent, because he thought about his next move for 54 seconds (a long time in speed chess.)

10. ... Qxd4
11.Qxd4 Nc2+

Now I have won the Queen back and profited a whole Knight. I also have removed his castling privileges.

12.Kd1 Nxd4

I totally missed the move here. Fritz pointed out that
13. ... Nc2
14. Rb1 Nxe3+
exchanges a knight for a rook and a pawn. That would probably have ended the game right there.

13. ... Nc6
14.Bb5 0-0-0+
15.Ke2 Bxc5
16.Bxc6 bxc6
17.Bb2 Bd3+
18.Kf3 Ne7
19.Rhd1 Bb5

Bb3 was better, but at least I am still winning.

20.Rdc1 Bb4
21.a3 Bd2
22.Rc2 Ba4
23.Rc4 Bb5
24.Rc2 Ba5
25.Bxg7 Rhg8
26.Bf6 Rd7
27.Ne4 Ng6
28.g3 Re8
29.Nc5 Rd6
30.Bd4 Ne5+
31.Bxe5 Rxe5

I now have a plan as to how to finish my opponent off. I am going to move the Rook to h6, so that he will think that I am attacking his h2 pawn. Then after he defends that pawn, my bishop will drop to d3 forking his Rook and knight. Of course Fritz pointed out that all I had to do was:
32. ... Rxe4
33. Kxe4 Bd3+
Winning another knight.

32. ... Rh6
33.h4 Bd3


He thought he could save himself by exchanging the rooks. But the problem was when my bishop takes the knight, white is put in check while un-defending his rook at the same time. White loses a whole rook!

34. ... Bxe4+
White Resigns.

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