Sunday, March 11, 2007

Snow Storm

In very early March, a bad snowstorm moved through Iowa. A few days later, I started taking my walks again and got the following images. Note it was cold and I was wearing boots and a big fur hat and one of my coworkers (A Canadian) started referring to me as "Nanook of the North."

The above image is a personal favorite of my wife.

This is a stream bed that is usually dry. This was a very wet snow and water was draining out of it.
I liked this image.
This storm started with rain and within one hour we got rain, sleet, hail and then snow. Ice stuck to the trees and some trees were brought down. In rural Iowa miles of utility poles were brought down leaving many Iowans without power for 3 or more days.
Another picture showing some damage.

When I took this image I kind of felt like I was in "Dr. Zhivago." The crystalline character didn't come across in the picture, but it is interesting in its own right. This image will probably get uploaded to "The Pikers Press" according to my Wife.
More Damage.

This was a very pretty picture I took from a bridge.

More damage.

And yet more, two weeks later the branch was still sitting on top of the ice. In the last few days it has warmed up into the 50's and the ice probably has melted and the branch taken downstream.

And the best picture for this post is ...

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