Saturday, May 05, 2007

Late April

April 24th - 25th it rained in the Des Moines (and all of central Iowa) area. According to Iowa State University we got 2.7 inches over the two days. This of course had a negative effect on my excercise program since it flooded my walking trail. I work in a Johnston (A suburb of Des Moines, IA) and right behind my employer is a very nice bike and walking trail.

These images were taken on April 26th.

If you look at just below the trees, there is a thin strip of water. This is the creek that has overflowed. This is looking down from my employers property toward the North East, which is considerbly higher then the walking trail.

These two pictures are looking to the south east of my employers property, the flooding is much more prominent here.

Since I wasn't going to be able to walk on my favorite trails, I decided to walk over to Terra Park, which is about one half mile from where I work. I found the two signs in the following pictures kind of amusing. The following three images all were on the south edge of the park.

Thursday May 3rd, I was able to get down to the creek and take a few pictures.

This tree was aparently ripped out by the root and is now in the middle of the creek.

Sand has been deposited from the creek up onto the trail.

This had been dry woodlands, now it is a wet mess.

Theese two images show the prarie just to the west of the creek. Notice how the grass has been ripped up and deposited around the tree trunks.

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